Central Message and Lesson Unit {Sharon Summarizing Squirrel}


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It important for students to understand the difference between the theme and main idea. The theme of a story is the central message or moral of the story. Main idea is what the story is mostly about (e.g., one sentence summary). Sharon Summarizing Squirrel helps readers understand the central message and lesson of a variety of texts. Aligned with Common Core Literacy Standards in grades K-3, this central message and lesson unit includes:
-Suggestions for Use for using Sharon Summarizing Squirrel
-Sharon Summarizing Squirrel Poem
-Central message lesson plan
-Central message and lesson graphic organizers
-In a Nutshell: Central Message Acorns
-I Can Posters
-Reading Response Journal
-Central Message Anchor Chart with sentence stems
Hazel Meets the Reading Strategy Animals book
-And more!

Download Sharon Summarizing Squirrel’s unit to help your students master how to determine the central message and lesson within authentic text!

Pages: 59
Grade Levels: K-3


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