Since it was President’s Day on Monday and we are reading and writing biographies, my class studied the life of Barack Obama this week. They loved learning about his childhood, interests, schooling and more. This study prompted them to ask questions about other presidents, so we completed these cute, easy presidential reports. Download this FREE project here.

PicMonkey Collage

Follow these 3 easy steps to create the presidential reports:

  1. Select appropriate presidential research. I found the presidential fact card deck in the Target dollar section, but also used a variety of leveled text as sources for research to differentiate for all learners. Pre-select the cards, picking presidents that students would find most interesting (cool nicknames, facts, etc.). Remove cards that would be difficult to read and understand. (Remove Nixon as his nickname is “Tricky Dick”.)
    President research
  2. Complete president report. Model how to use information from the fact card or leveled text and think aloud as you go. Then have students complete the research; this is a perfect activity to complete in small groups. Differentiate the report according to students’ needs. Partner students or have students work individually to complete the report.
    Rutherford Hayes
  3. Draw presidential portrait. Give students white paper and have them draw a pencil sketch of selected president. Trace with Sharpie and then color with crayon. Cut out and glue on top of report. You can glue on black construction paper (to look like a suit) and add arms and legs if you desire.
    Harry Truman reportHayes completed reportGeorge Bush completed reportBe sure to share reports with class. Possible discussions include similarities (most were lawyers), differences, occupations, facts and achievements. Your students will love learning more about the presidents!

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