Sally the Sounding out Snake
Charlie the Chunking Chipmunk
Reggie the Rhyming Raccoon 
Leroy the Letter Lynx
Paco the Pointing Porcupine
Heidi the High Frequency Word Hedgehog
Vern the Visualizing Vulture
Sharon the Sequencing Squirrel
Quinn the Questioning Quail


Cal the Capitalizing Cardinal
Stella the Spacing Skunk
Preston the Punctuating Pronghorn
Sophie the Spelling Spider
Hannah the Handwriting Hummingbird
Parker the Prewriting Prairie Dog
Dusty the Drafting Diamondback
Rosa the Revising Roadrunner
Edgar the Editing Eagle


Upton the Understanding Fish
Max the Modeling Mouse
Daphne the Drawing Dragonfly
Todd the Tallying Toad
Clark the Counting Crocodile
Hailey the Hopping Hare
Tom the Tabling Turtle
Brian the Breaking Badger
Emmy the Equating Earthworm

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