Games That Teach: Part 4

Feb 28th 2012

Use dice, playing cards and poker chips to practice number recognition, counting, and basic facts in a game-like format. This is great way to make math time fun, especially for kiddos (and maybe parents) with math anxiety.

Games That Teach: Part 2

Dec 2nd 2011

Use a Sharpie or sticker to put letters or numbers on the hoods of matchbox cars. Children can practice letter, sound and/or number recognition as they play. They can also practice lining them up in alphabetical or numerical order. This […]

Games That Teach: Part 1

Oct 23rd 2011

Turn Hopscotch into a fun learning game!  Use chalk to draw a hopscotch and fill in the squares with a specific concept (numbers, shapes, letters, sight words, etc.).  Kids will have so much fun jumping and moving while learning basic […]

Reading with your kiddos at home…

Aug 7th 2011

Parents, does this sound familiar:  “I’m too tired to read,” “You read it to me mommy,”  “I already read at school today.”  Sometimes having kids practice their reading at home can turn into a chore or a fight, even when […]

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Jun 27th 2011

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