End of the Year Survival Guide

May 24th 2016

                              Let’s face it, at this time of year, we all feel like the owl on the right. Keeping students engaged at the end of the […]

Jessica’s Summer Story

Jul 2nd 2014

The Astute Hoot girls are living some amazing summer stories! Tina is nearing the last leg of her 11,000-mile Creative RV Tour with her husband, Nick. Jen is venturing to Northern Arizona with her husband, Todd, and their boys, Alec […]

What’s Your Summer Story?

May 26th 2014

      Summertime is quickly approaching…..what is planned for your 2014 summer story? The Astute Hoot girls have several plans.         Jen is planning a road-trip with her family to visit the Grand Canyon for the […]