Like many other educators, I’ve been missing my students greatly and have been trying to wrap my head around providing quality specialized intervention instruction during distance learning and remote instruction.


Most of my students have goals in the area of reading fluency. During the school year we used a variety of strategies to increase their fluency. One of our most effective strategies was Repeated Reading. In the Repeated Reading strategy, students read the same short passage of text several times, improving with each time they read. Repeated Reading has been shown to improve decoding automaticity, phrasing, comprehension, rate and confidence.

Now here’s the exciting part! I’ve made a YouTube playlist, Fun with Fluency, which uses the Repeated Reading strategy with various poems leveled from 1st grade through 3rd grade. These are perfect to share with parents and students for at-home learning opportunities and only take about 5 minutes! I share the links in my Google Classroom and sent them home in my weekly emails to parents. Subscribe to our Astute Hoot YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are posted each week. Here are a few of my recent Repeated Reading videos:
3rd grade level text: I Am a Snail
2nd grade level text: Penguins
1st grade level text: A Wise Old Owl

To ensure appropriate scaffolds are provided and students stay engaged and motivated, I use a variety of ways to read the text during our repeated readings.

1st Read = Teacher reads the text aloud to student, modeling appropriate accuracy, phrasing and rate, while students silently follow along.

2nd Read = Teacher and student(s) chorally read the passage together, following the teacher’s pace.

3rd Read = Student silently and independently reads the passage. Opportunity to clarify confusing words is provided after the silent read is completed.

4th Read = Student and a partner take turns reading the passage aloud to each other.

When we finally get back into our school buildings, I plan to use these videos during reading centers for consistent use of the repeated reading strategy.

For more information, check out Reading Rockets: Everything You Wanted to Know About Repeated Reading.


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback! I’m glad you found the poems helpful. I’ve posted several more recently as well on YouTube. Many printable poems can be found at Poetry4Kids. Other poems I used are from hardcopy books and I’ve sited them in the comments of the videos.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m glad you found the YouTube Fluency videos helpful. I have posted several more in recent months. You can find them here.

  3. Do you have more fluency passages for each grade level? I teach summer school, 2nd grade, and tutor. We enjoy your passages and the idea on the 4 reads. I do feel like it helps the kids. Thank you so much for sharing on YouTube what you have done. I hope you will share more for all different levels. Thank you for helping the future readers!

  4. I am OBSESSED with your fun with fluency videos. I will be starting to use them next week. Do you, by any chance, have the poems in print you can share for my friends who might have a hard time tracking onscreen?

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