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As veteran teachers, we know that Back to School often means countless meetings, endless hours of preparation and a great deal of stress.  Combat the chaos of the classroom with these quick, easy, low cost tips!

  1. Stylish Storage Solution The space under tables is prime real estate for storage as it can accommodate large plastic containers for backpacks, playground equipment, file boxes and much more.  To conceal these unsightly items, use plastic table skirts from your local party supply store.  These inexpensive plastic skirts come in a range of colors to complement a variety of classroom décor and the self-adhesive strip makes application a breeze.  Simply measure perimeter of table, cut skirt accordingly and stick on table ledge.

Stylish Storage Solution

  1. Designer Student Work Display – Stop chipping your nails with those pesky staples or pricking yourself with push pins.  Create customized student work hangers with clothespins.  Print out an image that coordinates with your classroom theme, laminate, and glue to clothespins.  Attach clothespins to a line of ribbon on bulletin board with glue gun.  This allows for you to frequently change student work in a snap.

Designer Student Work Display

  1. Efficient Exit Tickets – Keep track of student progress and invest students in their learning using post-it note exit tickets.  Students love to show what they know by writing their answers and posting on the door.  Add some extra flair to this space with a light up question mark available at Target now.

Efficient Exit Tickets

  1. Perfect Pathways – Minimize transition time by mapping out commonly used pathways for students (e.g., lining up at door, transitioning to carpet time, etc.) Use masking tape and a ruler to tape straight lines onto the carpet.  Model the appropriate path and have students practice until they are proficient.

Perfect Pathways

  1. Fun Freebies – Download high quality, tried and true, teacher created lesson plans and activities to turn planning from drab to fab!  Check out the following FREE files:

Best of Back To School Preview

Best of Back to School Lesson Plans and Activities 

This unit is usually $10, but will be FREE for a limited time only (July 16 to August 4) just for you!  This 120+ page resource includes:
-Comprehensive first week lesson plans
-50+ interactive, engaging activities with objectives & detailed instructions
-Homework ideas with accompanying parent instructions
-Daily math lessons
-Quality Back to School literature
-Cooking and art projects
-Photos of completed projects

FREEBIE Top Ten Tools for Back to School

Use these time savers to ensure you and your students are off to a great start:

1. Beginning of the Year Checklist
2. Golden Keys to Success Responsibility Chart
3. Golden Keys to Success Parent Brochure
4. Routines, Procedures & Transitions: Walking in line
5. Icebreaker Activity: Top 10 About Me
6. Common Core Reading Strategies Poster
7. Behavior Reflection Think Sheet
8. First Day of School Lesson Plan
9. Social Story–Following Directions
10. Parent Welcome Letter sample

We hope your year is off to a great start!  Follow our blog for more teaching tips and ideas.  We’d love to hear from you too!  Please leave a comment below.



  1. I saw the “What Stuck With You?” idea last summer, so I purchased the necessary supplies and implemented the idea in my 6th and 7th grade language arts classes. It was a huge hit! I even included this as an exit ticket during one of my principal’s observations – he loved it! What a clever idea. Now I am switching to 6th and 7th grade math, and I will still utilize this. Thank you so much for keeping me current!

  2. Hi! Thanks for your question. I found the question mark at Target in the dorm section and they can also be found online by typing ‘dorm essentials’ in the search function. They sell 2 sizes along with arrows and peace signs, all cute additions to the classroom. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  3. Where can I find the light up question mark? I looked on target.com but couldn’t find it.

  4. Thanks so much! Actually, another teacher gave the cubbies to me. These are wooden and I just spray painted them. In the past, I have used cardboard mailboxes/cubbies available at your local office supply or teaching store. I found that the cardboard is very durable and can also be spray painted to match any decor.

  5. Hi Lori! Thanks for the comment. Which freebie were you trying to download? Were you able to set up an account? I will look into this asap.

  6. i tried to get your freebie & was unable to. I am a 2nd grade teacher, though definitely not as creative as you guys.

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