Looking for a last minute holiday art project? Check out these easy, adorable activities that require minimal prep while keeping students actively engaged in learning.

Make a 3-D Christmas Tree: Follow the directions included in our new Winter Holiday Art Projects unit to make this neat 3-D tree. Students fold, cut and tape to assemble the tree and then decorate with markers, sequins and pom-poms.

3-D Christmas TreeSolve Santa’s Math Problems: Use this template to help students practice double digit addition. Students solve the answer, then cut and roll the problem strip, gluing just the top portion of the strip to the answer circle on Santa’s beard. By the end of the activity, Santa will have a full, fluffy beard full of answers. A blank Santa template is included to allow for differentiation.

Santa math

Decorate a Menorah: Use the template to decorate (and glitter) a Hanukkah menorah.

Hanukkah Menorahs

Glitter menorahs

Weave a Mkeka: Students will read and follow directions to weave a Kwanzaa mkeka (straw mat). This is a great project for parent volunteers or a small-group setting.

Kwanzaa Mkeka Woven Mat

Create Parent Gifts: Parents love homemade gifts created with love. In my class, students write a narrative describing their favorite holiday tradition. I include a holiday-themed photograph inside the dedication page which parents cherish. I found this Santa beard sucker at Michael’s craft store and used as a prop for photographs this year.

Holiday parent gifts

Design Homemade Wrapping Paper: After students complete their parent gifts, I give each of them a large piece of white butcher block paper and they create their own wrapping paper. I show them examples and model making a consistent pattern or design covering the entire sheet.

Homemade wrapping paper

Write a Holiday Shopping List: Get a class set of weekly Target ads and have students write a holiday shopping list with a few items they would buy for each of their family members. In this activity, students are reading and writing functional text, two critical literacy skills.

Holiday shopping

Holiday Shopping 2

I hope these activities fill your classroom with peace and joy before a much-needed holiday break. Happy OWL-idays!


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